Custom work is something I am noted for.  Often when a person goes into a jewelry store and they want something custom made they end up with a ring that has been mass produced by the millions. Supposedly by re-arranging some different stones that made it a custom piece. I want to give my client something that is truly one of a kind in every sense of the word. My goal is to interpret what someone has imagined and translate it into a tangible work of art. At this point I'm not trying to get my idea across I'm trying to interpret my clients ideas. Of course I'm more than willing to help with design options and offer any advice that's needed. If their idea won't function the way they want I will be there to make suggestions on something that might be more practical.


Often I'll have the person sketch what they have in mind. If they don't feel qualified, they can find pictures of other pieces they like. That way I have a feel for the style that appeals to them and we can use that as a springboard. I have access to diamonds that are guaranteed conflict free and refurbished gold. Diamonds can be certified and even laser engraved. If a person wants something made with their own stones that is not a problem. I also have access to virtually any type of stone. I can work with old gold as long as it doesn't have any solder on it. I'm also willing to take gold in trade as partial payment. I will pay the going rate. There always needs to be new gold added to a casting though. By not knowing exactly what someone's gold is made up of, there is always a risk that the casting could have porosity in it. That means there are tiny pits in the metal. Therefore I cannot guarantee it and if something goes wrong there will be additional charges to re-do the piece. If there is a problem with the casting and I supplied the metal I will be responsible for making it right.


Sometimes people have sentimental attachments to jewelry and they want to save it without melting it and starting over. More than once I've made a ring that fit around a ring they already had. This can be attached or made to be removed. When I first meet or arrange for the beginning of the design process I require a $100 non refundable down payment. This will go towards the cost of the finished piece. After we have agreed on the finished design and the end price has been determined I will need a 50% deposit. I will work closely with my clients through the whole design process. If the piece involves carving a wax the client must approve the design before casting. This can either be done in person or through various media where you can see the work in progress. Once the design has been approved by the client any changes will be charged accordingly. The balance is due before the item can be shipped or received. All custom work is non refundable and non returnable. Please allow at least 8-12 weeks for wedding rings.