Story Rings are a style of ring I’ve been making for many years.  They tell a story in pictures of the person they were created for.  These symbolic custom made rings are created according to customers’ requests.  Every one is unique, reflecting how each person’s story is different.  


Story Rings are made using the Lost Wax Casting technique. Band rings are carved out of hard wax.  Designs and symbols are made using soft wax. Working with a dental tool and an alcohol lamp, I manipulate the wax over a flame. Using this method, I am able to create very intricate designs.


Ring styles vary according to individual taste.  Clients share with me the symbols or pictures that they feel are most representative of their lives, personalities and interests.  Inspiration may be their hobbies, pets, employment, flowers, children, etc.  Entrusted with these symbols, I have the honor to intricately sculpt each story in wax, and then cast it in their metal of choice.  


Couples often use them as wedding rings.  Sometimes, they will have the same designs on both of their rings, with personal options. One ring may be wider, the other thicker. Other couples have chosen two or three of the same symbols, and individualize their ring to illustrate their personal interests.  To illustrate their individuality,

Story Rings may also be for a single person who wants something no one else has.


My husband and I both have a cross, a fish and a dove on our rings.  His ring has a tee-pee and a lightning bolt coming out of a cloud. Mine has a treble clef sign and other symbols.  


Couples sometimes choose different metals.  One ring may use yellow gold, while the other has white gold.  Some customers prefer only symbols on their rings, while others incorporate diamonds or other stones in their design.  Because each ring is unique to the individual, the possibilities are endless.


I do my best to interpret customers vision.  You name it, and I’ve put it on a ring, from dancing dogs to guitars, anchors and children.  I reserve the right to refuse imagery I feel uncomfortable with.


Customers are involved in the entire design process and have the opportunity to approve every detail.  This process generally begins with a meeting at my studio. However, if a customer is unable to visit, I am happy to communicate through email, attaching pictures of the design’s progress.


Custom work requires a 50% deposit and balance must be paid in full at the time of pick up or delivery.  All custom work is non-returnable and non-refundable.